What Am I Doing?

I (Tim Lotz) will be going to Uganda, Africa on January 4th, 2013. Before then I am going to try to raise money for shoes for the kids in Oditel (the village I am going to) because they don't have shoes to walk to school in and there are alot of foot infections. To do this I am going to get pledges for every day I go without shoes. My goal is 100 days. But you can help too. You can make a one time donation on this page. If you don't have that much money you can donate a used pair of flip-flops (flip-flops are best because they don't wear out as fast and they fit more sizes) I will be starting on September 1st. Wish me luck!

Monday, December 17, 2012

21 days till we leave!!!

This will be my last post until sometime around the 25th of January after we get back. Thank you to anyone and everyone that prayed for me or donated to us. It means a lot to both me and everybody in Oditel. We ended up raising over $7,250 which is crazy for just 100 days. We will be buying shoes for all the kids in two villages. We are buying Bibles for the kids in Oditel. The two public schools in Kapelabyong will be getting shoes as well. We are buying soccer shoes, uniforms, and balls for the village of Oditel. We are giving soccer balls to another village also. And we are exploring the idea of using the leftover money to jump start a shoe company in Oditel. This was all thanks to you guys. Without you none of this would have happened. So thank you again. We will be leaving on the 7th, so please pray that we have a safe trip. Thanks again.        ~Tim

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