What Am I Doing?

I (Tim Lotz) will be going to Uganda, Africa on January 4th, 2013. Before then I am going to try to raise money for shoes for the kids in Oditel (the village I am going to) because they don't have shoes to walk to school in and there are alot of foot infections. To do this I am going to get pledges for every day I go without shoes. My goal is 100 days. But you can help too. You can make a one time donation on this page. If you don't have that much money you can donate a used pair of flip-flops (flip-flops are best because they don't wear out as fast and they fit more sizes) I will be starting on September 1st. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Thank you

The trip is over and it was amazing. Thank you to everyone that helped make it possible. It was really cool to get to see all the kids get shoes, and I wish everybody that helped could have seen it. We ended up giving shoes to 3 excited villages, and bibles to Oditel. We also gave soccer uniforms to Oditel and Nyada, and we got to hangout with the kids in Oditel for 5 days. I think the best part was getting to hangout with the orphan my family sponsors. I am very happy that I got to experience this, and wish all of you could have experienced it too. Thanks again to everybody. If you want to see pictures visit the facebook page.

Monday, December 17, 2012

21 days till we leave!!!

This will be my last post until sometime around the 25th of January after we get back. Thank you to anyone and everyone that prayed for me or donated to us. It means a lot to both me and everybody in Oditel. We ended up raising over $7,250 which is crazy for just 100 days. We will be buying shoes for all the kids in two villages. We are buying Bibles for the kids in Oditel. The two public schools in Kapelabyong will be getting shoes as well. We are buying soccer shoes, uniforms, and balls for the village of Oditel. We are giving soccer balls to another village also. And we are exploring the idea of using the leftover money to jump start a shoe company in Oditel. This was all thanks to you guys. Without you none of this would have happened. So thank you again. We will be leaving on the 7th, so please pray that we have a safe trip. Thanks again.        ~Tim

Friday, December 7, 2012


Thank you Portage Central for setting up the fundraiser for my last day and for all the support during my 97 days so far. For those of you that don't go to Portage Central here is the article they put in the announcements today:
 "Sick of the man forcing you to wear shoes?? Fight back, support a great cause, and celebrate with one of your fellow Mustangs. For the past 100 days, Tim Lotz has gone without shoes to raise money and awareness for children in Uganda. Those 100 days come to an end this Monday. Thanks to the work of Hoop’s 3rd hour class, you can join him and celebrate his last day by donating $1 to receive a stylish pair blue booties to wear all day on Monday. Celebrate the dedication of one of your fellow Mustangs and help bring shoes to the children of Uganda."
And if you do go to Portage Central be sure to remember to bring a dollar and buy a pair of booties on Monday. Thanks again everybody.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving! I got to go to my grandparents house in Arizona and visit with my dad's side of the family that I dont get to see that often. It was a ton of fun. We got to go to the Grand Canyon, and now I can say I hiked part of the Grand Canyon barefoot. We ate lots of turkey and played some card games and had a good time. My family and I went Black Friday shopping. We got some movies and I got a videogame, but we didn't get the laptop we wanted to get; oh well. The best part of Black Friday was one of the workers asked about 100 Days Without Shoes and donated $20. I hope your Thanksgiving was as good as mine was. Thanks for the prayers and donations.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day- 76

Over 3/4ths of the way there!!!!!! A lot has happened recently. The biggest things being me talking to the Wednesday night 4th grade girls at my church and a church in Grand Rapids. Both of those went very well. Thanks to you guys we have gotten 18 soccer balls and we are getting 10 soccer uniforms for the orphan team in Oditel. I had a yard working job with my friend Dan last Thursday and did that all barefoot. It was a little cold, but it was fun and I didn't get frost bite. The next big thing that happened was I went to a Scarlet White concert, and it was awesome. Afterwords the band gave me $10 and said they would pray for me; that was really cool. We are leaving to go to Oditel in less than two months, and it feels like it is coming up really soon. Thanks for all of the prayers and donations.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi everybody, sorry for not posting in awhile. Alot has happened since the last time I posted. The first being my church's fall retreat. It was really fun and the camp was completely okay with me going barefoot. We got to hangout with Heartsong, and after the retreat they sent me a post card saying they were praying in support of 100 Days Without Shoes, so that was cool.
The next big thing that happened was, my sister talked to her school, and got them to do a flip-flop drive for the kids in Oditel. A big thanks to anybody that brought in shoes. We got several boxes full. The next thing that is coming up is this weekend. I will be going to Art Hop downtown Kalamazoo, to raise awareness and helpout at The River's site. So if you are going to Art Hop, you should find me, and if you aren't going, you should.  It is a great way to support local artists and start your Christmas shopping.
Now that we got the bigger things out of the way I can talk about the smaller things. It is really cold out, but I'm just happy that it hasn't snowed like it said it was going to on the news. We are still getting donations every week, so Thank You everybody. The Uganda group bought plane tickets at the last meeting. so we are officially going now. Yay. Thanks again for all the prayers and donations.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day - 45

Hi, Everybody. I'm almost half way there, and for day 50, I was thinking about doing a Q&A, so if you have any questions comment on this post. 
The exciting news is that we have raised enough money for shoes and Bibles for all of the orphans in Oditel.  We are now adopting the village of Nyada and hoping to have enough to buy shoes for all of the orphans there too!   Keep giving and blessing this kids in Africa!
Anyway, last Sunday I was at The River church because they were doing a day focused on giving to Oditel, and the kind people there gave me about $400 twoards shoes. Last week went really slow for  some reason, and not much happened. Saturday I went to go see Taken 2 and got yelled at by the guy at the connsesions stand, but after I told him what it was for he was okay with it. This Sunday we went to get pumpkins at Gene-Gene's and the lady that was collecting pay said to just donate it to buying shoes, so that was really cool. I think that is all that has happened since my last post. Don't forget to donate we still need about $900 for those kids in Nyada. Thank you!